Irina Karpova (ex. Kajuna)

Certified internist, family doctor specializing in phlebology.

Patients are admitted:

"Baltic Vein Clinic"
115 Kr. Barona Street, Riga
Phone: 67847200

"Dermatology Clinic"
50 Skanstes Street, Riga
Tālr.: 67847102

"Capital Clinic Riga" 
 15A Duntes Street, Riga
Tālr.: 66333333

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Irina Karpova (ex.Kajuna)

Member of Latvian Society of Phlebology, Member of Latvian Association of General Practitioners, Member of Latvian Society of Internal Medicine.

Performs: foam and liquid sclerotherapy technique under US guidance; capillary diathermocoagulation; DUPLEX ultrasound of blood vessels, especially leg vein DUPLEX ultrasound.

Provides both paid and paid services of the National Health Service (NSS), insurance companies.


The Baltic Vein Clinic has 3 operating rooms and day care facilities. Consultations are also provided at the following branches of Veselības centrs 4 as well as on trips (see: :

  • 115 Kr. Barona Street ("Baltic Vein Clinic" – main building)
  • 50 Skanstes Street ("Dermatology Clinic")
  • 410 Brīvības gatve ("Jugla Clinic")
  • 15A Duntes Street, 3rd, 4th floor ("Capital Clinic Riga")
  • 1 Grebenščikova Street, Riga ("Diagnostic Centre")
  • 18 Baznīcas Street ("Anti-Aging Institute")
  • 10A Ģimnāzijas Street,2 а, Daugavpils (Private Clinic "Ģimenes veselība")
  • 10 Pededzes Street , Mārupe (Mārupe Doctorate)

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