Kosmetoloģisko defektu novēršana

Elimination of cosmetic defects

Aesthetic phlebology addresses the cosmetic problems of dilated blood vessels. If the deeper, larger veins are damaged, the blood flow to the smaller superficial vessels is also impaired. The result is an aesthetically unattractive network of dilated blood vessels.  Depending on the depth and size of the vessels, their colour varies from bluish black to pink.



Transcutaneous laser therapy

Closure of small capillaries on the face and legs, and transcutaneous closure of small veins by laser.  The laser beam is absorbed by the red structures of the blood vessels, a high temperature is ensured, and the blood vessel is closed. Redness, swelling, and small crusts are observed briefly after the procedure.

Laser treatment to remove unwanted pigmentation

Long-term impaired blood circulation in the skin can lead to the formation of haemosiderin deposits, which appear as bluish-grey pigmentation. Pigmentation can sometimes occur after surgery or laser treatment.  Laser treatment eliminates the pigment deposited in the skin. The treatment does not require anaesthesia; cold applications during and after the procedure are sufficient. Redness, swelling, and small crusts are observed for a short time after the procedure.


VBeam Perfecta

Pulsed liquid dye laser is one of the world's best technologies for treating various vascular issues, congenital and acquired pigmentation (superficial blood vessels on the face and legs, slightly bluish veins up to 3 mm in diameter, telangiectasia, vascular network, congenital haemangiomas, portwine marks, diffuse reddening of the skin, rosacea).

Medilas D Multi Beam (940 nm) diode laser

Sparing closure of small capillaries on the face and legs. The treatment does not require anaesthesia; cold applications during and after the procedure are sufficient.

Quantum DL ND: Yag laser device

To treat vascular and skin pigment abnormalities.  





Wavelight MAYDON Nd/Yag (1064 nm) laser

One of the most widely applied vascular laser technologies in the world, designed to treat various vascular masses, especially venous network.

Harmony XL Pro laser platform

DYE-VL (450-600 nm) laser

For removing rosacea and pigment spots after sclerotherapy. Cooled Long Pulsed Nd:Yag 1064 nm laser – for removing vascular lesions on the face and body (telangiectasias, haemangiomas, spider veins on the legs).

Lumenis Nd/Yag (1064nm) laser

For removal of vascular masses, enlarged capillaries (on the body and face) and persistent redness.


This system ensures closure of small capillaries on the face and legs, and closure of small veins by intense pulsed light.

Multifunctional Alma-Q laser platform

Q-switch mode combined with laser and IPL effect to remove or reduce pigment spots after vein surgery, damage to capillaries, spider veins and blood vessels, portwine marks.

Lumenis Quantum IPL SR (560 nm) + Nd/Yag (1064 nm),
Lumenis M 22

For removal of superficial blood vessels, vascular network, permanent reddening of the skin, spider veins, pigment spots.




Thermocoagulation is an established method against vascular network, telangiectasia, and rosacea. Unwanted blood vessels on the legs, face and other parts of the skin disappear instantly due to thermocoagulation.

Vascular network can occur in various parts of the body, especially on the face and legs. More than 70% of women and a significant number of men face this issue sooner or later.

Thermocoagulation can remove even the smallest blood vessels that cannot be eliminated with microsclerotherapy and can also remove blood vessels located in the face or ankles, where microsclerotherapy cannot be applied.

Thermocoagulator is a unique technology that uses microwaves to eliminate unwanted blood vessels. The unwanted blood vessel is eliminated due to the thermal effect of the microwaves. 



Course of the procedure

The procedure lasts approximately 10-15 minutes, during which up to 40-50 cm of blood vessels can be treated. After the procedure, the patient can resume a normal rhythm of life.

There is no trauma to the skin during thermocoagulation. A papule may persist after the procedure, which turns into a micro-nodule and disappears within a couple of weeks.

Advantages of thermocoagulation microsclerotherapy

  • quick result, unwanted blood vessels are instantly removed;
  • the procedure is completely painless;
  • the procedure does not cause any side effects ((de-) pigmentation, allergic reaction, burns, inflammation, necrosis);
  • a properly done procedure is guaranteed to be effective;
  • suitable for any skin phototype;
  • 40–50 cm of unwanted blood vessels can be removed during one procedure;
  • suitable for blood vessels of any location (face, knees, ankles);
  • no seasonal restrictions for the procedure and no need to avoid the sun afterwards;
  • convenient course of the procedure.


The Baltic Vein Clinic has 3 operating rooms and day care facilities. Consultations are also provided at the following branches of Veselības centrs 4 as well as on trips (see: www.venas.lv) :

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